We offer a rental program providing high quality instruments and service to the South Sound area. Our rental instruments of a quality consistent with the high standards for which we are known. The instruments are well cared-for and are set up properly, which makes learning a more positive experience. Our knowledgeable staff have the experience necessary to match the student with an appropriate instrument. Due to high demand and limited supply, we recommend that you call ahead to confirm that we have what you need.


Violins (all sizes)   $35.00 per month
Violas (all sizes)   $40.00 per month
Cellos (all sizes)   $60.00 per month
(State tax will be added to monthly rental fees)

All our instruments are initially rented for a three-month period and thereafter in one-month periods. There is no refund for early return of an instrument.

There is a refundable damage deposit required at the time of rental. The deposit for violins and violas is $75.00 and for cellos, $100.00.

Maintenance and Repair

Rental fees do not include insurance. They do not cover accidental or deliberate damage to instruments or the replacement of broken strings. They do cover such things as bow rehairs, open seams, and sticking or slipping pegs.

All repairs of rental instruments and bows must be done through Applebaum Violin Shop.


Our rental program offers rental credit towards the purchase of either the rental or another instrument. 100% of the first 12 months may be applied to the purchase.

Trade In, Trade Up

If you purchase an instrument from the shop, and later wish to trade it for a larger size or a different instrument, you will receive 75% of the original purchase price of the instrument as credit towards the new one (depending on condition of the trade-in).

If you purchase an instrument of at least twice the original value of the trade-in, you will receive 100% of the original price as a credit towards the new one (depending on condition).

Bows and cases are treated on a case-by-case basis.