Three fiddles



CarlCarl Applebaum

Carl made the transition from architect, trained at Princeton University, to luthier in the mid 70’s. He apprenticed with a local maker in Eugene, Oregon, then moved to Olympia in 1983. He opened the shop in his home at that time, moved it to downtown Olympia in 1990 and then to its present downtown Tacoma location in 2004. He began studying the violin while growing up in New York City, and has recently been trying to expand his playing into jazz improvisation.
For several years, he has been actively supporting a children's music conservatory in Guanabacoa, Cuba, by collecting and contributing instruments, bows, and cases. He has also made volunteer trips to repair instruments at the school. As a result, he became fascinated with Afro-Cuban drumming, and is studying with Michael Olsen of the band Obrador in Olympia.